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How to Get a Brand New IPhone for $50 (No Contract)

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I came across an awesome deal and want to show you how you can get a brand new IPhone for $50.  I got my new IPhone 5S (16 GB) for $50 after a couple of easy steps.  My Phone is now on Cricket Wireless’ network (thru AT&T).

If you want to know more about my recent experience with Cricket Wireless, please read my article The CHEAP Cell Phone Plan You NEED NOW!

  1.  Check out and see the $150 IPhone 5S on sale. Also check that the $50 bill credit for transferring your number is still available.
  2. Get $25 through a referral link before actually purchasing this IPhone.  Here is my referral link.  If you have a friend’s link, feel free to use that.
  3. Port your number from another carrier, and after 30 days receive a $50 credit.
  4. Finally, join Cricket’s reward program.  You can join via my link or a friend’s link.  This will give you 50,000 mPlus points (this will allow you to redeem the points for a $25 gift card).

If you don’t like Cricket’s network I believe you can use the IPhone on a different network after 6 months. That being said, I have so far loved Cricket and highly recommend you check it out.

So your grand total is:

$150 IPhone

– $25 Refer a Friend Credit

– $50 Activation Credit

-$25 Cricket Rewards redeemed Gift Card

=$50 IPhone 5S 16 GB

Plans start at $35 on Auto Pay.

Enjoy the deal!


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