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The CHEAP Cell Phone Plan You NEED NOW!

Now a days, there are so many cell phone plans it’s hard to find the best one for you.  There is the big 4 companies (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile) and then dozens of smaller companies. Most of these companies offer both contract and non-contract plans.


I have not been on a contract in the last 6 years, I used to have T-mobiles Walmart plan for $30 (plus tax I believe) for unlimited internet and texting plus 100 minutes.  When I moved, the signal sucked so I switched to a non-contract Verizon phone.  I got the phone for $100 (it was a modest Android about two years behind the times) and unlimited text and talk with 2 GB.  That plan was $45 plus $3.33 in tax.

After my recent move, I was sick of paying that much. I wanted to get away from the big 4 carriers and find a better deal.



I checked the reliability of service in my area and it looked great. Cricket is under AT&T and my friend who has AT&T and I have been comparing service in different places. It is virtually the same.  I now only pay $35 a month (that INCLUDES tax) for unlimited text and talk and 2.5 GB.  What’s even better, I was able to upgrade to a brand new IPhone 5S for only $50 (after all of my rebates). I’ll show you how in this post here.  That’s a crazy deal. In only 5 months, it will be cheaper for me to have this new IPhone than to keep the old dying Verizon Phone.

They have numerous plans starting at $35 on autopay up to an unlimited plan for $65 with autopay. If you decide to have more lines, you’ll get more discounts.

To make it more fun, there’s also a rewards app. You get points that can be used for gift cards, by referring people, taking surveys, and checking in. So far I have gotten a $25 gift card which I can use for future monthly service.

To get $25 for joining you can click here (I get $25 to so thanks 🙂 )

What’s your phone service?

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