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Subscriptions I’m Cancelling: Money Saving

I’ve been watching a ton of YouTube videos lately on minimalism and saving money. One of the largest things I noticed was that everyone says to cut subscriptions and subscription boxes.  I never had cable so I felt pretty good, until I started adding up all of the other subscriptions I have.  Right now every month I’m paying for internet (definitely a necessity), Netflix, Amazon Prime (that’s paid for annually), Beachbody on Demand (also annually), Texture, Audible, and Ipsy.  I realized total that was about $100 a month going to subscriptions.  Some of these I really love and utilize, but I’m making a change to cancel other ones.

1. Ipsy

I have loved getting makeup every month, but not everything I get works for me. I’ve gotten the wrong shade before, and it’s starting to take up a lot of space in my make up drawer.  For only $10, it’s been so much fun to get to try new products, especially skin care, but after a year of having Ipsy I’m cancelling it for now.

2. Texture

Texture is a magazine app, which I totally thought was worth it because it had Money Magazine.  I wound up getting a free trial for a year of Money magazine in print so I no longer need the app. Now I can just use my local libary Zinio app to get magazines.  That’s another $10 savings.  Make sure to check out your library for programs like Zinio.

3. Audible

Audible is much like Texture for me.  I wanted to listen to books at a discounted price while I cleaned my apartment.  I actually bought these affordable headphones from Amazon that have made a huge difference in my routine.  I connect them via bluetooth and then can clean my apartment while listening to books, podcasts, and music.  For $20 I couldn’t pass on the headphones, and would definitely repurchase them.  The $15 a month for Audible I can definitely pass on.  My library offers the app Overdrive.  This way I can check up to 5 books and audiobooks out at a time.

Overall, these small changes will save me $35 a month.  That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it makes a difference at $420 a year.  For a comparison, that’s how much I spend a year on my cell phone and I really like my cell phone plan.  

What changes have you made this year? Are you moving towards minimalism?  Let me know!