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How to Get a Brand New IPhone for $50 (No Contract)

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I came across an awesome deal and want to show you how you can get a brand new IPhone for $50.  I got my new IPhone 5S (16 GB) for $50 after a couple of easy steps.  My Phone is now on Cricket Wireless’ network (thru AT&T).

If you want to know more about my recent experience with Cricket Wireless, please read my article The CHEAP Cell Phone Plan You NEED NOW!

  1.  Check out and see the $150 IPhone 5S on sale. Also check that the $50 bill credit for transferring your number is still available.
  2. Get $25 through a referral link before actually purchasing this IPhone.  Here is my referral link.  If you have a friend’s link, feel free to use that.
  3. Port your number from another carrier, and after 30 days receive a $50 credit.
  4. Finally, join Cricket’s reward program.  You can join via my link or a friend’s link.  This will give you 50,000 mPlus points (this will allow you to redeem the points for a $25 gift card).

If you don’t like Cricket’s network I believe you can use the IPhone on a different network after 6 months. That being said, I have so far loved Cricket and highly recommend you check it out.

So your grand total is:

$150 IPhone

– $25 Refer a Friend Credit

– $50 Activation Credit

-$25 Cricket Rewards redeemed Gift Card

=$50 IPhone 5S 16 GB

Plans start at $35 on Auto Pay.

Enjoy the deal!


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The CHEAP Cell Phone Plan You NEED NOW!

Now a days, there are so many cell phone plans it’s hard to find the best one for you.  There is the big 4 companies (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile) and then dozens of smaller companies. Most of these companies offer both contract and non-contract plans.


I have not been on a contract in the last 6 years, I used to have T-mobiles Walmart plan for $30 (plus tax I believe) for unlimited internet and texting plus 100 minutes.  When I moved, the signal sucked so I switched to a non-contract Verizon phone.  I got the phone for $100 (it was a modest Android about two years behind the times) and unlimited text and talk with 2 GB.  That plan was $45 plus $3.33 in tax.

After my recent move, I was sick of paying that much. I wanted to get away from the big 4 carriers and find a better deal.



I checked the reliability of service in my area and it looked great. Cricket is under AT&T and my friend who has AT&T and I have been comparing service in different places. It is virtually the same.  I now only pay $35 a month (that INCLUDES tax) for unlimited text and talk and 2.5 GB.  What’s even better, I was able to upgrade to a brand new IPhone 5S for only $50 (after all of my rebates). I’ll show you how in this post here.  That’s a crazy deal. In only 5 months, it will be cheaper for me to have this new IPhone than to keep the old dying Verizon Phone.

They have numerous plans starting at $35 on autopay up to an unlimited plan for $65 with autopay. If you decide to have more lines, you’ll get more discounts.

To make it more fun, there’s also a rewards app. You get points that can be used for gift cards, by referring people, taking surveys, and checking in. So far I have gotten a $25 gift card which I can use for future monthly service.

To get $25 for joining you can click here (I get $25 to so thanks 🙂 )

What’s your phone service?

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Smartly Saving and $20 GIVEAWAY

Since this is my first blog post, I feel it’s good to show how I save for individual goals.  I’ve always found online that people will tell you to save for an emergency fund, a house down payment, etc but then never show you where to save that money.  Right now, my emergency fund is pretty much just my savings account.  I haven’t bothered to sub divide that account into other accounts, but for everything else I started breaking up my goals into individual accounts.  These are all of my smaller goals, but they’re still important in my overall financial journey.  This way I could keep track of each individual goal I had.  I deposit between $20 and $100 to each goal once or twice a month.  This way I can slowly reach my money goals.  The website I have been using is SmartyPig (don’t worry, this isn’t sponsored, they don’t know I exist, besides the fact I’ve had an account the last few years).  I like SmartyPig because the interest on there accounts is a lot higher than other savings accounts.  I make 0.75% interest on the account which is better than the 0.1% most banks give.  That being said, when I originally started I was earning 1% so it definitely has been better.   I hope one day it’ll go back up to 1%, but we’ll see.

Right now on SmartyPig, I’m saving for my dog’s emergency fund, Christmas gifts, and a vacation.  I’m hoping to soon also save for a house down payment, but haven’t decided if I want to do it through SmartyPig or not.  Because, like I said, this is for my SMALL goals.  Don’t worry, I’ll post about it when I decide.

To create the goals you put down a small initial deposit (I normally do $10) and then SmartyPig gives you the estimated monthly, bi-montly, etc amount of money you need to reach your goal. For example, I want to have $600 saved for Christmas, so that’s about $50 a month or $25 a paycheck.  Then, I’ll end the goal in December and use that money to pay for gifts.  Avoiding the dreaded Christmas debt!

If you know someone wants a giftcard, you can redeem giftcards and get cash back, but I have yet to use that feature…I like the cash 🙂

Another thing I have yet to try, but should eventually is there debit card.  It’s a great way to keep accountable for money if you have problems with credit cards.  That being said I love using a credit card for the rewards, so I’ll talk all about that soon.

Having all of my small goals in one place shows me how much more I need to save to get where I want to be.  It also helps me budget which is great.  When I know where my money’s going I always feel better.  You should always be trying to save about 10% of your paycheck for the future. Start small, and that money will grow!

Have you tried SmartyPig?

If you want to be entered into the $20 SmartyPig Giveaway to start saving.  Simply leave a comment about what you are saving for now!  I will use to make a drawing on May 31st 10PM PST.  Good luck to all that enter 🙂


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Moving? To Rent or To Buy?

large home final

I recently moved across the country and was faced with the problem of where to live.  I had visited the city I was moving to once before, but I didn’t really know the area.  Before the cross country drive I had been renting a 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom house with a roommate for about $1200 a month.  This was a reasonable price, and looking back, if I would have stayed there longer, I probably should have bought a house there and tried to rent it later.

I believe a large part of my problem was that I wanted to rush into buying a house. There is so much more you have to look at than just the cost of the house and interest on the mortgage.  There is also the upkeep on the house as well as HOA or condo fees, PMI (if you put down less than 20%), and major repairs.  Initially, I really wasn’t looking at any of that.

Apartments also offer the benefit of additional amenities.  If I were buying a place, I would only get the house or if it was a condo maybe a pool and workout facility.  At the apartment complex I’m at I have a resort size pool, huge gym, tennis courts, a dog walking area, complimentary WiFi around the complex, and free workout classes.  I don’t have to worry about additional fees for normal repairs.  If something breaks, it will quickly get fixed by the complex.

I’m also able to pay everything to the apartment directly, including utilities.  I have auto-pay so if I’m gone I don’t have to worry and can simply double check the account went through on the second of the month.  The only additional “house related” expense I have is internet.  Since I live alone, I got the cheapest plan at $40 a month. So far it’s worked great!

I look forward to the day that I can buy my own house, but I’ll need to know the market better and have at least 20% down. To pay PMI every month to me is like throwing money away.  I live in a studio apartment, so the money I’m saving in a small space will go towards the down payment I hope to soon have.

Do you rent or did you buy?